Blogging for Income

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Your blog posts should have a purpose. Writing a blog post is so much more than just putting words on paper. Why are you writing? In short, if you’re taking your ideal client's struggles and finding that solution to their problems, you're going to create content with a purpose.                              

All your blog posts and any content that you put out on your website or social media needs to be strategic. They need to fill a need and a void for your ideal client, so that you can attract your ideal clients naturally, with content that serves them well.

Your blog posts should also have a call-to-action so that as you're attracting your ideal clients, you will also give them a call-to-action to either sign up for your free offer, free webinar, free challenge, or a free strategy session. Or – if you've really groomed and nurtured your following consistently – you can use a paid call-to-action, where you are offering your course, working with you one-to-one, or a program that you've created.          

Typically a call-to-action would be towards the bottom of the blog content. You can ask a simple question and link to your sales page or your opt-in page if it is for a free offer.

Here is an example from one of my more popular blog posts. You can see that this is a list post of 11 platforms for selling online courses. My call to action at the end of the post is a free offer to help the reader create a course outline.

All I did was create a simple image that then links to a free video lesson and printable worksheets.

Then you take your content that you've created for your blog and you share it across all your online platforms.